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When you’re living with a disability, every piece of freedom you get back is life changing.
— Justin Mendel, Armbike owner



The ARMBIKE wheelchair attachment could be exactly what you need to get active and moving again.


Welcome to Armbike Canada, we're a distributor for the Swedish made wheelchair attachment ARMBIKE. The Armbike uses a patented arm driven system that allows you to power your wheelchair through it's 8 gears with an easy rowing motion. The Armbike also easily and quickly detaches from your wheelchair once you arrive at your destination. The Armbike is made with high quality parts including solid steel frame, Shimano Nexus in hub gear system and Shimano brakes.



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Armbike Canada is willing to partner with Vendors across Canada and the US in order to distribute the Armbike kit throughout North America. If you have a store front where you are currently selling mobility supplies and products the Armbike could be the perfect addition to your store.

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